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We assist with everything real estate from title issues, helping you keep your loved one home, helping you sell, and educating you on how to acquire your own home without credit checks, and the red tape you would normally have to go through.

How can we provide value to you?

Our Services

Our Services

At Hall Homeowner Solutions our goal is to provide value like no other. We want our free to be better than our competitors paid!

Find Lost & Unknown Heirs

Due to family members being deceased and paperwork not been done correctly in the past, many families find out it they could need signatures from family members they may not know or have any idea where their are. We step in to find them and sometimes hire a private investigator to get it done.

Done For You Services

A lot of times a parent may pass away and the children want to keep the property and need help getting it done. We offer to draft the documents to legally transfer ownership to the heirs, instead of them paying thousands to lawyers.

Lien Negotiating

At times family members believe liens are only taxes, mortgage, and liens are seen without a title search. So times they try to sell and the title company notifies them in the middle of the transaction and tells them they have to get paid, and they can a lot of times wipe the proceeds out if they are too large.

Genuine Advice

Many many times homeowners and families honestly are overwhelmed with the process, and just feel lost. We like to be a neutral voice, so we just go over the process of selling your/or loved one property, and show you the different options, and let you decide on what's best based on your current situations and goals. 

We Buy Property

Yes, we do buy properties, IF it fits our criteria. The main benefits of selling to us is we cover all legal fees, we do all the heavy lifting for you, we will pay for your move up to 8 miles, also we can close on the property and give you up

to 15 days to move out! In most cases sellers have money in hand within 21 days.

Overage Support

Counties collect millions of dollars from unclaimed funds. If you're someone that is facing losing your home to an auction, you may be entitled to some funds. If your tax bill is $10,000 and your property goes to auction and sales for let's say $30,000. Legally your owed the $20,000 difference. The thing is not too many people know that and the counties take advantage. We step in and fight to get you the money your deserved.


“England is heaven sent, he stepped in paid my tax bill up front, to keep the house from going to auction. Fixed all the problems on deed including getting the IRS lien & Judgement dropped. If he hadn't stepped in I would be homeless right now!”

Sheila Poe
Little Rock, AR

Have a title situation or interested in selling?

Give us a call! We can layout different options, situations, or just simply give you a second opinion. Click the red button below to give us a quick call so we can help.

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